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The positive effects cleaning can have on your mental wellbeing

It’s no secret that a clean home is good for us, but there are mental health benefits to a home that is clean, clutter-free and sparkling clean. Find out about the mental and physical benefits that a clean, uncluttered living space can have on your mental wellbeing.

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Festive Tips To Maintain a Spotless Kitchen Over Christmas

Everyone would love a spotless kitchen, but keeping it like that, especially over Christmas, is easier said than done! When there’s Christmas dinners being served up, seasonal baking taking place and festive treats everywhere, it’s inevitable that there will be mess left behind. That's why finding a quick solution to clear it up will make a world of difference to your life

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Give a gift with purpose this Christmas that doesn't go to waste

Christmas – a time to spend with family, feast on roast turkey, enjoy the festive atmosphere and of course, receive presents. The issue many of us have this time of year is what on earth should I get someone? It's that very thing that results in us getting gifts without purpose, that become unwanted and inevitably get put away in a cupboard, or worse, thrown away. Find out why ENJO can provide something meaningful and useful this Christmas.