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Give a gift with purpose this Christmas that doesn't go to waste

Christmas – a time to spend with family, feast on roast turkey, enjoy the festive atmosphere and of course, receive presents. The issue many of us have this time of year is what on earth should I get someone? It's that very thing that results in us getting gifts without purpose, that become unwanted and inevitably get put away in a cupboard, or worse, thrown away. Find out why ENJO can provide something meaningful and useful this Christmas.

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Orkney - A Sustainability Success Story

Find out how the remote Island of Orkney, once the cultural hub of Britain, has embraced sustainability in its present day, what they do to preserve their homes & surroundings and the impressive number of people based their that are using ENJO.

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Climate Change - What will COP26 achieve and what can WE do as individuals?

There’s been a lot of fanfare and news this past week regarding the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s become clear, without mincing any words: The climate crisis has become more difficult to ignore, urgent action is needed, and this year’s historic summit has many around the world sitting up and taking notice. Many of us “regular citizens” have been watching and thinking, it’s great that they’re talking about this, but what can I do?